1. You Found Me
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I wake up to find
That You're right with me calling
Trying to find
A part of me that's willing
I look at my sin
Ashamed to look upon You
Could the mercy You have
Cover all I've tried to
Lord I believe that
You are for me

You found me
Chained by my sin
Lord You found me
Tainted from within

I see you ahead
You're calling me before You
With all that I have
I struggle to run to You
I was hopeless
But You ran to me

You found me
Chained by my sin
You found me
Tainted from within
You found me
I was broken and condemned
But Your grace surrounds me
And loves me even still

I know my heart and flesh may fail
And sometimes darkness does prevail
But You have overcome it all
I know the plans You have for me
To give me hope eternity
There is no one like You Lord
I am Yours and You are mine
To You alone I lift my eyes
How could I not praise You God
Here's my heart it is Thine own
I worship You and You alone
You have saved my soul

You found me
And conquered my sin
Lord You found me
Gave me new life from within
You're astounding
I cannot keep it in
I'm surrounded
Your love will never end

Seek me and search for me
And I will be found by You